End of an amazing year: Being an architecture student

Hey guys 🙂

It’s been sooo long since my last upload – sorry about that – I just needed a rest from doing anything. But I’m back on it now! I have just had my final exhibition, which marks the end of my first year of uni!

For me this is equally good and sad, because it means I can finally relax, I have my final grade and I got into next year, and so I have nothing to worry about until September. It’s been an exciting year for me, because I’m finally doing what I have always wanted to do. Oh, and I made some pretty great friends along the way, though I won’t get to see them for three months! 😦

I started uni not knowing anyone, not really looking forward to meeting new people (people are scary 🙂 ), but I was excited to be starting a new chapter in my life, starting a course that had been dreaming about from a very young age (yes, I know, a bit sad). But, thankfully, throughout the year I made some great friends. People that have made the stressful times at uni a little easier to handle, and the fun times very entertaining. We are now spread across the world, but I can guarantee that won’t stop us from keeping in contact.

I’m going to miss them over the next few months, and will look forward to seeing them in September so we can do this all over again 🙂

But I suppose the good thing about this break is that I get to go to Spain for two months to see my grandparents!!!!


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