Granada 2017 1/2

Hi guys,

Today’s post is going to be about my recent trip to Granada with my university.

So, first of all, a few friends and I decided to go to Granada a couple of days before the trip started (which ended up being quite fun).  But we didn’t travel together as I was already in Spain. I decided to get the coach from my abuelos to Granada, and the others flew from London direct.

The coach ride took around five hours, not including rest stops, which was fine because I’m used to long journeys, as I have driven to Spain a few times before. On the way there I didn’t have anyone sitting next to me which meant I could stretch out a little.

The journey to Granada was split into two coach journeys, one from Alicante Airport to Murcia Bus station, which took around 50 minutes. I had a stopover there for around an hour before getting my second coach, which was direct to Granada with two others stops in towns nearby. The journey was quite interesting because you get to see more than you would if you flew. (And its a lot cheaper; my bus ticket was €26). Oh, and also the buses are mean to have wi-fi but it wasn’t working on both of my buses, but all of the bus stations have wifi, and so it wasn’t such a big deal as I only used my phone for music. I was either looking out of the window or reading my book for the whole ride.

After arriving in Granada:

So from here I had to get a local bus into the city centre because that’s where our accommodation was, as the bus station is located outside the city centre. The bus I got was the SN1. It stops right outside the bus station, and costs €1.20 and comes every 20 mins (I think), and the journey to the city centre is about 20 mins as well. I got off at the cathedral stop, which is pretty much in the centre, then I walked to my hostel from there, which was around 2 minutes away, located next to Plaza Nueva.

This is quite a good area to stay in as most things are within walking distance, it’s located near to the old town, the Alhambra is only a 5-10 minute walk away and it’s not that noisy at night either.

I arrived a couple of hours before the others did, so I checked in. Our room had a balcony and you could see the Alhambra. I took my stuff to the room and then went for a walk around the city, which is amazing by the way and quite beautiful at night. After an hour or so, I decided to walk back to the hostel (mainly because there was no one to stop me from shopping!).

The others arrived late-ish that night, and were a little tired when they arrived, so after taking their stuff to the room, we went out to get something quick to eat, then went back to our room and just chilled for the rest of the night.

Day 1

The next morning we went for breakfast, which wasn’t great to be honest, and needless to say we didn’t go back there. After that, we went for a walk into the city and around some of the shops and of course got the all important ice cream. Then we headed back to the hostel, because some more friends were arriving that afternoon. After they arrived we stayed in the hostel for a while before a couple of us went to get some lunch. After that, we decided to look around the cathedral, which is HUGE! Unfortunately you aren’t allowed to take pictures inside, so I don’t have any, but it was amazing. It was white inside with some amazing details and history. It cost us €3.50 to get inside (we got a discount as we are students) which came with an audio guide as well. That evening we went to a square near the cathedral; the food was okay, but nothing special, and it was overpriced for what it was. So far, the restaurant choices were not going well. After that we went back to the hostel and stayed in for the rest of the night.

Day 2

The next morning we went to Plaza de Bib-Rambla for breakfast – well more like brunch – and I showed my friends the best thing ever for breakfast: churros and chocolate!! Obviously they loved it, and the chocolate was perfect.


After that we met up with the others to go shopping. We did a lot of shopping, as Granada has a great selection of shops. We were out all day and didn’t get back until around 9ish.    No one had the energy to go out and get something to eat, so we just got some quick food and took it back to our rooms to eat, and stayed in for the rest of the night (there seems to be a recurring theme here?).

Day 3

This is the day that everyone else arrived for the trip. We had to meet up with everyone in the afternoon, so we went out for something to eat, and had a little walk around before going for some lunch – which I think was one of the better places we ate at during that trip – and then headed back to the hostel to meet everyone else and the lecturers, to go out on an orientation walk, which lasted longer then it needed to, to be honest. So we were all a little bit tired, and headed off on our own to find somewhere to eat. We found a nice grill place on the way back to the hostel, which looked good, and it was. I had octopus and the others had burgers, which where huge! After that, we headed back to the hostel and genuinely went to bed, because we had to be up early for the activities for the day.

The next day we went to the Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation, which is a house and museum built by the famous painter José María Rodríguez-Acosta. It was built in the early decades of the 20th century, and was made a national monument in 1982. It was built to be his studio, and contains a series of gardens and collection of art pieces from ancient to modernist pieces. The gardens and house were built using modern as well as reclaimed pieces from the building from across the centuries, including balconies from ancient palaces.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that we walked to the University architectural school which is in a renovated building that was once a large home and then a military hospital. As well as the older building, there is a new extension. The design has incorporated the new and old very well, as the layout of the school works very well. The school is made from many different types of materials, and this was done to show the students how different materials could be used, and what the effect of that material has on the overall feel of a building. I spoke to one student, who told me that the school regularly changes some of the materials to show students new and different materials.

After a very long day we went back to the hostel, had a rest, then we went out to eat. The place we went to was good, and after dinner we walked back to the hostel.

I didn’t want to make this post too long, so there will be a part 2 coming out soon!

That’s all for now, so, until next time, bye!


P.S. These are the people that made the trip so great!


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