Being An Architecture Student: End of term and Bubble Waffles

Hi Guys,


I know there hasn’t been a post for a couple of weeks, but it’s been very busy at uni for the past couple of weeks as we were finishing up our final brief before the end of term, which is now done. I’m writing this on the plane to Spain, and in a week’s time I will be in Granada with my friends from uni. We will be there for a week and everyone is very excited. I won’t be traveling with everyone because I will already be in Spain; I will be traveling by myself on a coach, and this is a first for me as I’m only used to traveling by myself to the places I know. It will be a great experience.

This is something I was meant to post last week. Me and a couple of friends from uni went to China Town to try this new craze that I have seen on Instagram and it’s called Bubble Waffle. It’s essentially just a waffle but the squares are bubbles, which does make it easier to eat when walking around. You get it in a cone and you can choose from a selection of toppings as well as gelato and cream. I had vanilla gelato with strawberries and chocolate sauce. It was amazing and well worth the 20 minute wait.

I would recommend it but I suggest that you avoid it at weekends as it will probably be even busier and have an even longer wait time.


That’s all for now, so, until next time, bye!



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