The Design Museum London

Hey guys, apologies for the late upload and missing the week before; its been very busy at uni, and we have started our final brief for the year and there are not many weeks left!

It’s also only 3 weeks until our class trip to Granada. Needless to say, I’m very excited and am very much looking forward to a holiday after a very stressful but enjoyable first year at uni.

This week we went on a trip to the Design Museum in London, which moved to its new location late last year. The building itself doesn’t look that special from the outside, but inside it is amazing. When you enter the building, you are met by a huge atrium space, which on the ground floor has the reception desk, shop and an exhibition space which content changes.

The main exhibition space is on the top floor of the museum. It holds an interesting collection of modern history of design, but the layout seems confusing and cluttered,  distracting you from the interesting items. Not only this but some areas were not lit correctly, so were dark, which made viewing the collection slightly difficult. I believe the collection could be a lot better displayed if the layout was more fluid and if the collections were displayed in a simpler way.

The visiting exhibition on the bottom floor was very powerful. It was about how technology has changed the way we do things, how it has been used in conflicts and by refugees to find shelter and how people have exploited that need for technology in this crisis.

I won’t say too much about it because I think you need to see to fully understand the exhibition.

That’s all for now, so, until next time, bye!




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