Being An Architecture Student: First week back

Hi guys! So this week was the first week back after the winter break. I was very glad to be back this week, ready to get started for the new term, and of course I got to see all my uni friends again, which was great.

Of course it’s also getting ever closer to my Granda trip, which I can not wait for! I can’t wait to be back in Spain, as it’s truly my favourite place in the world.

More details soon, but I may be going a very cool trip in June; I will keep you posted!

This week we have been working with clay and our brief was to test and experiment with the material to find out its stengths and weaknesses. from our investigations we have to produce a final model based on our findings.

I have been working with a pictucular tecqnice  where you make slabs of clay and create things from that i was draping the slabs over things like bottles and cups to create interesting shapes.

That’s all for now, so, until next time, bye!




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