Being An Architecture Student: First Crit

So this week at university I had my first group work presentation. Although my group somehow managed to drop to two people from five, it was still really good. My partner and I were very nervous about our work, as we weren’t sure if the critics would like our design.


We were the fifth to present our work, and the response from the critics was okay; more on the negative side, which got us a bit worried, and because there was only two of us, we would have to speak for longer each compared to the other groups.

But the presentation went really well, and they liked what we had produced, the creative way we answered the brief and how we tested the product.


Basically, what I have learnt from this experience, is to have confidence and believe in the work you have produced and the design you have created because that will show through in your presentation, as you will be more passionate about your design. You also need to take on board constructive criticism from your colleagues and other people, becuse they may see something that you might not, as you may have been working on the design for so long that you have become attached to features that may no longer be necessary.



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