Hiking in Lorcha

Hi guys, I apologise for the late upload, but, this week, my uni work load has been quite intensive.

So this is the last post from my series about my holiday to Spain during Summer 2016, and it is about a hike that my mum, Abuela and I took from Lorcha. I believe the walk was about 10km; it was a really nice walk, and was not too difficult. The ground was quite uneven, but the view was simple breathtaking; I really enjoyed it, and will definitely do it again.

The walk follows the Rio Serpis and the bed of the old Gandia to Alcoi railway. The railway closed in 1969, during Franco’s dictatorship. The railway was known as La Chicharra, and there is a bar in Lorcha that goes by the same name.

Our walk took us from Lorcha to Villalonga, and, as mentioned before, it was roughly 10km long. I wouldn’t say the walk was too physically challenging, due to it being flat, but because of the heat you have to work out the correct time to go for the walk, so that you don’t end up walking in the hot, midday sun.

There is not much to say about the walk, apart from these amazing views, except that the route is dotted with relics of the industrial history of the area, which is a welcome distraction from the walk.

Anyway, that’s all for now, so, until next time, bye!




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