Jardin de Santos, Penaguila

Today’s blog post is about an accidental find on the way to visit another place, and I must say I’m very pleased that we found it; it is beautiful, and I really didn’t expect to find something like this when we followed the signs; this place is truly a hidden gem.

Although I wouldn’t go out just to visit it, as it is quite small, a visit on the way to somewhere else would be a great detour. There is the town of Penaguila close by, though I haven’t visited there yet, but, from what I have seen, there are some bars and restaurants, which could be worth a visit, and the town itself looks very pretty.

The garden holds events and can be hired, I believe. When we visited, they had recently held a music concert there. Also, there is a small playground and picnic area with a BBQ, which would be nice when open. Before you get to the garden, there is a walk that takes you around the area, and you will see some spectacular views.

Not much is known about the origin and history of the garden, as it has not been open to the public for many years. The garden was planted and built in the mid-to-late ninetieth century by a man called Joaquim Rico, who owned much of the village. He was said to have a wide botanical knowledge, and was a friend of the great painter Cabrera. The area used to be a farm, until the garden was built.


The path to the garden is lined by conifer trees, which lead you to the garden, which is in the most unusual place: on a mountain, which adds to the beauty of the garden, as it is completely unexpected, but a wonderful surprise. The garden itself although small, does hold some rare and valuable species of plants and trees.

The garden has a beautiful pond at its centre, as well as a maze, orchid house, and some spectacular views.

I really loved this place: the photos do not do it justice, and, if you have the opportunity visit, please do; it’s free to get in, and has a small museum that holds traditional tools and equipment used in the area, and also has some history about the area.

Apologies for the late upload, as I have been very busy with university.

That’s all for now so, until next time, bye!



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