Gandia is a popular costal town in the province of Valencia, and it has a population of 200,000.

Gandia has a busy tourist industry, and there are two main areas to Gandia: the city with shops and monuments, and then there is Gandia beach. These two areas are about a mile apart, and each area has its own atmosphere.

Although the town is busy in the day with the shops, etc, but, at night, the town comes alive when the bars, clubs and restaurants open, which creates a fantastic atmosphere in the main, tree-lined, boulevard.

Gandia has some beautiful beaches, and has become a major tourist spot in Spain, though mainly with Spanish people, although there is an increase in the international tourist population.

As with many towns in Spain, there are many cultural events that happen throughout the year, such as music concerts, art exhibitions, and many more events that are worth checking out, if you are interested. Be sure to check out the Gandia tourist information, which will tell you about all the upcoming events.

The town has extensive shopping outlets, both in the main town and the shopping centres near by. In the town there are pedestrianised streets, which are lined with a good mix of shops, with a quite a few top brands represented, such as Massimo Dutti. Then there is the shopping centres, which also has lots of shops.

My personal favourite part of the city is the covered boulevard, as it provides vital shade during the day, and, at night, it creates a wonderful atmosphere. There are benches all along it, and the bars and restaurants have their chairs and tables set out along it, which are very nice to sit at and have a drink, or something to eat.

What else is there to do in Gandia?
As I mentioned before, there is various music and cultural events that happen, but there are also a few areas of interest, such as The Ducal Palace Of Gandia: the palace that was the home of the Royal Dukes Of Gandia.
The palace is a hidden gem, and it has some beautiful interiors. The building consists of two styles: gothic and baroque, and this is due to the fact that, in its lifetime, the palace has gone through many structural changes.

The palace is located in the main city, but is hidden by the surrounding buildings. It is well worth the look. If you are ever in Gandia, remember to check the tourist information for more details. (I will put a link below).

Gandia is one of my favourite places to visit when I’m staying with my Abuelos, and I hope it will become one of yours, as it is such a wonderful place.

I hope you liked this post, but that’s all for now, so, until next time, bye!


Link to the tourist information site here, or, alternatively, copy and paste the link below:



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