Bocairent, Valencia

Bocairent is a town located in the province of Valencia in Spain. The town is packed with history and the town itself is very beautiful. You get the best view of the whole town from the main road.

There are many things to see in Bocairent, including the wonderful architecture. They also have many other attractions, which include the Moorish Caves and Valencia’s oldest bull ring, which is no longer in use.


Town house in Bocairent

I visited for one day and only managed to do a couple of things. Really, you should have two days here, so you can really take in the whole town. I went on a weekday during the summer, and not everything was open or wasn’t open for the whole day. Weekends are the best bet, if you want to try everything. Times should change when it’s not the summer, and traditionally the Spanish have August, or at least part of it, off, so opening times are generally different.

There are many hotels and pensions in the town for you to stay in, but if you didn’t want to stay in the town, there are other towns in the surrounding area and there is the bigger town of Muro de Alcoi, which is approximately 20 minutes away.

Let’s talk about the Caves now! First of all, I wouldn’t attempt them if you don’t like small spaces, as it does require you going through small gaps as well as crawling through some sections. Also, the walk up is quite difficult, as it requires to walk over uneven and slippery rocks. Oh, and if you’re not good with heights, I wouldn’t recommend it either, as they are quite high up!!!

The caves themselves are very interesting! Experts are still not sure what they were used for; there are a few theories about them. The reason they don’t know much is that nothing was found inside the caves to suggest a use, but, what they are sure of, is that they used to be individual chambers. They know this because each chamber has a hole on the outside, which used to have some sort of window or door, and, next to this, is a hole through the rock, which was used to tie a rope around, in order to climb into the chambers. It takes around 20 minutes to complete the trek, but that is also dependent on the amount of people in the caves, and on how long they take.

You can also visit the ice cave, which is a lot easier to get to, as you only have to walk down a set of stairs, and then you are basically in the cave. This cave is very impressive, as it is very tall, and was all carved by hand. The cave was used to store ice, which was then used for food preservation and other things.

As I said before, there are many things to do to in Bocairent, and I only visited it for one day, so I only got to experience a few things, but do I hope to return to the town to see the other things, because from what I have seen, it is a really interesting place and has a lot to offer.

I hope you liked this post, but that’s all for now, so, until next time, bye!



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