The fiestas continue

The fiestas in lorcha have now come to an end this five day long celebration was packed full of different events some more traditional then others.

We have had the parade of the moros y cristianos with there very elaborate costumes. as you can see below there is a mix of the generations who come to celebrate the fiestas they take much pride in taking part in the celebrations and are very dedicated to the traditions. and they try where possible to get the younger generations involved to keep theses traditions alive.

I also managed to see the festeras on there parade before they entered the church theses are the people who are 20 or 21. this is a tradition in many Spanish towns and can get quite expensive with dresses costing thousands of euros. And this year they looks as beautiful as ever. There was only three festeras this year this is manly due to the fact of how expensive it is because there are many expenses  involved.


Thats all for now so until so until next time bye.




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