Day 3: Relaxing by the pool

Hey so the past two days I haven’t really done anything just chilled by the pool and sunbathing and yh I got a little tan maybe.

But thought would take this opportunity to introduce you to my home away from home Lorcha in the region of Alicante.


My Abuelos moved here about six years ago from London and I fell in love with it from the first moment. Not only is the place absolutely beautiful, the people here are so friendly and welcoming. from the first day we got here we had people knocking on the gate to give us fresh vegetables and fruit from their fields like they had known us for years. it was heart warming to see how friendly people could be even to total strangers. Now I come here so often I consider them friends and would go far as to say I’ve got some new family members :). I would love nothing more than one day then moving here but that’s a while off.


I’m so glad that my Abuelos decided to make Lorcha their home my year wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Lorcha.

Lorcha is a town with traditions at its heart every year they put on a week-long fiesta in July i have been lucky enough to see it a few time my self its amazing to see the town go from a quite rural town to a bustling party over night each day there’s a different celebration and of course lots of amazing food. lots goes on during this time including a parade full of dance and music with many locals dressed up in traditional clothing as well as some pretty spectacular costumes from the Moros y Cristianos which you will get to see later if i remember to take pictures:) and of course the young ladies and men who are coming of age will have their parade dressed up in some very expensive dresses and suits. But that’s all to come.

And over the next few weeks I hope to show you more about this place and why I fell in love with it. so untill next time bye.


IMG_6312 IMG_6311 IMG_6310


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