First day of my holiday

planeIMG_6305 After a very early flight for me I arrived in sunny Spain I love the felling of when the heat first hits you when you walk of the plane.

The adventure didn’t get of to a good start because my suitcase broke 😦 .



Dropped of my suit case at my second home (my abuelas) then went straight back out to the town for some tapas and a drink I had chipirones a la plancha and patatas bravas which was very yummy.

Then we got back went straight in the pool and a little sunbath then we went to Muro for a look around the shops although I got a little distracted by the local architecture which i might add is beautiful. some quite medieval which is really interesting.

  And what i love about swainish towns is that they are all so clean and all the buildings a quite unique in there design and construction.

I also appreciate the fact they respect the more traditional design by adding feature to complement it such as the street lamps and the block paved roads.

And thats basically what i got up to on my first day so until next time bye.




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