Florence, Italy

Florence is such a beautiful city it should be on everyones bucket list. I visited it in October 2014 with my collage we had such an amazing time.

The Cathedral di Santa Maria del Fiore (Cathedral of saint Mary of the Flower) is a must when visiting Florence, when I think of Florence I think of the cathedral it is the symbol of the city with its iconic dome that dominates the city skyline.

If you ever get the chance to visit you should pay to go to the top of the deme and tower it is well worth the money.

When I visited you pay at the entrance to the crypt which has a bit about the history of the cathedral throughout its life time. Then you can start the assent to the top of the dome after two flights of stairs you walk through a tiny arch and then you are on a walk way that goes around the dome on the inside looking down on the altar.

Then you pass through a series of stairs and corridors in-between the interior and exterior domes. You know you have coming to the top when you walk over the dome and come to a small ladder with the sun streaming through the hatch and when you come out you are met with most extraordinary view of the medieval city, with a clear view the Medici palace and many other buildings of interest.

I believe that Florence will suit anyone who loves travel becuase there is so much to do in Florence their is something for everyone.



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